Parsimony Inc. aims to mold the mindset of the workforce by empower them to think like entrepreneurs. This, we believe, are keys to having more confident and making them believe in themselves more.

We offer best-in-class trainings with the experts in our pool of trainers who are prime leaders in the industry. We bring together the best practices and methods from top global companies and the agility and flexibility of a startup enterprise to help you in your improvement programs and your capability enhancement requirements.

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We conduct trainings in the areas of:
Strategic Project Management

Project Management is the application of knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently manage your projects. The results of Project Management is tied to the business goals that become the strategic competency of any organization.

Projects such as:
1. Expansion of sales in a new market (Sales & Marketing);
2. Construction of a new building, highways or bridges (Construction Industry or Manufacturing);
3. Relief efforts after a natural calamity (Government or Social Projects); or
4. Development of applications or softwares (IT/BPO)

These are just some of the examples where Project Management skills can be applied to. Think strategy and align the Project Manager’s activities with the strategic direction of your company.

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Big Data and Predictive Analytics

This training will prepare you for big data planning and implementation. Be surprised to learn what more can be done with Big Data!

Lean and Six Sigma

Learn the proven methodology to improve your company’s performance, increase sales revenues and reduce unnecessary costs.

Quality Excellence

This training introduces the principles, skills and tools needed to establish quality management in various business sectors and organisations such as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, etc.