How to Get Management to Sponsor Your Trainings

You saw an advertisement about certifications or trainings but found it too expensive for you to shoulder alone? You thought that these trainings would help in your work and increase your chances of getting promoted because of added knowledge and skills.

You should know that most companies are willing to invest in your learning because it will also be beneficial to the company. How? Investing in your training helps the company bridge the gap in the lack of capability of its employees to deliver more and better. The company will also gain in terms of increasing revenues and more of long-term benefits in the future.

But how do you ask from your bosses or managers? We have prepared 5 tips for you to consider as you talk to your management. No need to plead, you just have to be objective.


1. Identify Trainings Aligned with the Strategic Direction of your Company 

  • You may want to look at the Balanced Scorecard of your company for the goals and focus this fiscal year. Your desired training should match what your organization focuses this season.


2. Create a Business Case on How the Training Can Contribute to Your Company’s Goals

  • Your Business Case may be a powerpoint presentation or just a mere one-on-one discussion with your manager on how the training will help you contribute more in meeting the organization’s goals.


3. Your Business Case May Show How to Increase Revenues or Achieve Cost Savings for the Company

  • This will even be a stronger case when you lay down metrics or measurements after your training (e.g. increased productivity, # of improvements produced, etc.). You may also want to propose starting your own Six Sigma or Improvement project for you to really show a systematic or methodical management of the improvement you have introduced in the organization after your training.
  • You can also do a simulation on how much the company will save in terms of cost or effort when they invest on your training.


4. Talk to the Training Provider to Understand Their Capabilities, Competencies and Experiences

  • Once your training request has been approved, it’s now time to look into which training companies can provide you with the best-in-quality yet affordable training you want. Contact them and ask for details on the rates, dates and credibility of the trainor.


5. Look for Credible Training Partners with Actual Implementation Experience

  • To check for the credibility of the training provider, ask for a copy of the Trainor’s Bio and do your own research of the company and of the person.

There you have it! Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s now time to attend trainings and invest on your learning. We hope you get the trainings you want along with helping your company achieve success.


You’re a KEY RESOURCE when you are hungry to learn!



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