Enterprise Big Data and Predictive Analytics

The Enterprise Big Data and Predictive Analytics Program will help you think strategies and will align your project activities with the strategic direction of your organisation. This program is designed to educate non-practicing (team leaders, managers, executives, etc.) and practicing data analysts with basic and advanced .

I. Basic Analytics Program
The courses in this program covers the theories, tools and techniques needed to have a basic understanding of analytics to understand your business performance and your customer behavior.

A. Basic Business Statistics
B. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA and Regression
C. Explaining analytics to Decision-makers: Insights to Actions
D. Minitab 101
E. Minitab 102
F. Organizational/Project Goal Setting
G. Google Analytics Overview
H. Data Visualization & Reporting (Tools: Tableau, BIME, etc.)
I. Statistical Graphs: Histogram & Pie, Scatter Plot, Line Charts
J. Big Data introduction
K. Picking the Right Metrics for Your Organization


II. Advanced Analytics Program
Advanced Analytics Program is designed to provide a more in-depth understanding of Analytics. It lets the users forecast and provide predictions to suggest actions that could improve future performance of their metrics. It also allows formulation of what-if hypotheses that lets users select the most optimum scenario and apply it to their respective organizations.  

A. MS Excel with Analytics Toolpak
B. Data-driven Business Analysis
C. Regression
D. Statistical Analysis
E. Creating Baselines
F. Predictive Modeling using Crystal Ball and Minitab
G. Building Analytics Governance (Processes, Policies, Training and Support)

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