Since the establishment of Parsimony Inc. as a leading training and consulting firm based in the Philippines, we have continued to grow our network while providing the optimal solutions that assist and motivate our clients in expanding their business operations on a global basis – our distinguishing factor from other consulting companies.


We provide consultation and assistance in the areas of:

  • Business Excellence and Resiliency
  • Business Process
  • Technology and Innovation


Ever since the firm was founded, every consultant in Parsimony Inc. has been striving to provide training and consulting services that make us the real “Market-Shaper” of the industry. No matter how difficult the challenge or how long the process we undergo, we thoroughly examine our clients’ processes and operations to enable them to achieve their goals, based on our extensive experience and knowledge accumulated through serving clients operating in different sectors.


To each client, we deliver the best practices, taking into account the different business customs of each sector and locality. Working closely with each client with a sense of commitment on a long-term basis to ensure that the best practices are integrated into its operations is our policy.