3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Science (includes High Pay)

Were you one of many that has been told by their parents in the past to take BS Nursing in college? This is just one example of how we were made to believe in what “has been” a booming and in demand job during those times. While it is somehow or may still be a booming career, I’m here to tell you that there will be another up and coming “hot” trend — Data Science.

With all the rising organizations nowadays it’s inevitable to use, analyze and visualize data – and WE must catch up. In a study by Mckinsey, they project that by 2018 demand for data scientists may be as much as greater than the supply (ain’t it a good news here?!). Here alone in the Philippines, much work is being outsourced from our country – we have call center agents, telemarketers, webmasters, programmers, social experts and many more.

I quote what Sun Tzu said, “Most battles are won before they are fought.” As a country, we must prepare for what is about to be the next BIG thing here while it isn’t yet that glitzy today.

So hop on and be convinced more that we need more data scientists here in the Philippines! You could be one, no joke.


1. You can start anywhere to be a data scientist.

The standardization of the definition of Data Science is still being debated around the world, which means that everyone has been defining Data Science at his own right. However, if we want to be consistent with most organizations that have tried to define it, a data scientist is a role doing a combination of statistics, mathematics and programming.

I’ve known marketing guys becoming data scientists by training themselves to learn how to code, how to analyze data and how to present business insights. They’re already proficient in story telling as what they’re paid to do and all they need is to learn how to collect data using certain machineries, interpret data and present insights. It may not be easy hearing it but we’re here to tell you that you can and will be enticed to do it.
One who wants to become a data scientist must display hard work and determination to get him where he wants to be. However, I’m not demeaning those with educational degrees in Statistics, Mathematics or Computer Science, of course they’ll have a huge advantage over those who are just still starting. I’m just saying that there are many ways available already that can act as knowledge sources of how to become a data scientist. It’s workable, attainable and possible.

2. The pay will be (competitively) high.

And that depends on how much of a value you can give to your clients and your organization. Data means business to others and if you can give them the insights that can improve their sales, you’re superb! For your information, there’s a rising demand for data scientists in most companies now such as Wall Street, Teradata, UBER, BlueCross, Walt Disney, etc. Just google the keywords “data scientist job post” and you’ll find tons of job postings locally and internationally.

Of course, the reason why you’re reading this is because you wanted to know the how much a data scientist is worth especially here in the Philippines.

Payscale, a website that enables individuals to research and compare average salaries, says that the average salary for the Data Scientist job this 2015 ranges from Php132,000 to Php381,000. These figures are just based here in the Philippines and there’ll be much higher forecast for the numbers abroad. Being a data scientist gives you the edge not just in salary but also in your other individual competitors in the industry.

3. You can START now before it fully blooms.

The Philippines has been the source of undeniably great talents for the BPO outsourcing world such as call centre agents, legal and medical transcriptionists, software developers, animators and many more. We’ve proven ourselves, as Filipinos, that we can serve the whole world with our skills and that we will still be the source of talents for the next BIG things.

While Data Scientists may still be rare to find here in the Philippines, what we do not know is that there’s a continued strong demand for this role this 2015. As many startup tech companies have been emerging, many as well would want to be cost-effective and lean in their processes. Countries are looking at the Philippines as one with talents who not just deliver quality outputs but are adaptable to any cultural differences. These startup companies are also using data as their tool in knowing how to compete and be ahead of the game, thus, the need for more data scientists who can help them in looking at their data.

Start now and be noticed in the industry!

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